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Until we can get a new format for our guestbook, we'll post your feedback here.  Please take a moment and send us an email by clicking on the Contact Me button below and send us your thoughts, suggestions or  feedback and we'll be happy to include them here.  Thank you for visiting and we hope you come back soon!

Saturday 11/24/2001 3:35:18pm      Name: Judy Watt      E-Mail:

Referred By: Search Engine            City/Country: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Comments: Hi, I am looking for a nice hunting knife for a Xmass prasent for my son. If I ordered would it get here in time? Also a price list? I liked the bowie and the one beside it, and a couple below looked interesting, too. Thanks, Judy Watt, 780-474-49629(ph or fax); snail mail: 12010-49th Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5W 3A4.

Wednesday 10/31/2001 10:21:09am    Name: Steve Billings  E-Mail:

Referred By: Just Surfed In                    City/Country: Iowa

Comments: I am interested in a 3"-4" knife with a deer antler handle, something similar to the one pictured on your website. I even have some antlers I would supply.
What is the cost of one similar to the one pictured on your website?

Thursday 09/20/2001 2:41:50am     Name:Ferae Starr

Homepage: Http://     E-Mail:

Referred By: Friend                           City/Country: Johannesburg South Africa

Comments: Truely amazing craftmanship, and asthetic beauty.

Thursday 06/28/2001  11:38:48pm                    Name: Darrell & Wendy Jenkinson   

 E-Mail:    Referred By: Friend       City/Country: Sumner, WA---USA

Comments: These photos just don't do justice to the quality and beauty of Lew's knives. We own the filet and large oyster knives and they are solid, have a perfectly balanced 'heft' to them and are truly artisan-crafted. These will last a life-time and will be with us for many, many years to come. We can't recommend them enough!  Thank you!